Busxpert Logic Adapter With DEVSLP

Product Description

The BusXpert Logic Adapter serializes and transmits 24 logic signals to a BusXpert analyzer, enabling capture of both logic signals and serial data simultaneously. The BusXpert Software displays the captured logic signals and serial protocol side-by-side, making it easy to view the timing relationship between them. The Logic Adapter transmits the serialized logic to the analyzer initiator port via a standard SATA cable, or to the target port via a SATA crossover cable. The BusXpert Analyzer can trigger on any combination of logic and/or serial data.

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Using the BusXpert Logic Adapter with DEVSLP Application Note


Key Features

  • SATA DEVSLP Support
  • Simultaneous Serial and Logic Analysis
  • 24 Logic Inputs per Adapter
  • Adjustable Voltage Threshold
  • Works with BusXpert Analyzer and Software
  • Self-contained with Built-in Universal Power Supply

Ideal for:

  • Storage Developers and Manufacturers
  • Controller Chip Designers
  • Firmware and Software Developers
  • Field Applications and Support

Logic Adapter
Logic AdapterLA-3ST-24

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