SerialTek Announces Important Sales Transformation Changes

SerialTek is pleased to announce an exciting new direction in our company transformation.

While our engineering team has been hard‐at‐work developing the latest in SAS/SATA and PCI Express Analyzers and Test Tools to align ourselves better with customer requirements and needs, we have also been working to evolve our Sales organization with the same goals in mind.

To that end, effective December 1st, 2014, Rand Kriech of Protocol Test will no longer be a territory sales representative for SerialTek. Protocol Test has been a distributor of SerialTek products since 2007 and they have helped SerialTek become the well‐regarded solution provider it is, in the storage test and measurement industry. We thank Rand for his incredible efforts and energy.

Going forward, all SerialTek sales in the United States and Canada will be represented by Serial Cables. The CEO of Serial Cables, Paul Mutschler, has been working to expand the offerings of his organization across the US. The SerialTek products align with Serial Cable’s current customers and offerings. Serial Cables has already begun expanding their geographical resources and will be placing experienced local technical sales people throughout the territory. SerialTek expects this change will improve all aspects of the sales process from pre‐sales support thru post‐sales support across our geographically diversified customers to enhance the overall customer experience.

Until December 1st, 2014, please continue to work with Rand of Protocol Test. In the meantime, we will begin an effort to seamlessly transition our customers in the Western United States over to Serial Cables, many of whom are already familiar with Serial Cables and their other offerings.

In addition, effective February 1st, 2015, KeySight Technologies (formerly known as Agilent) will, by mutual agreement, also cease to represent SerialTek globally. We are working with KeySight to ensure a seamless transition of support for all customers affected by this change. We have already signed a number of new distributors internationally.

We realize that these are major changes to our organization and we have made major efforts to minimize the impact to you as the customer. If your experience is impacted at all or you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Richard Whitmarsh at (408) 436‐8080 or

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