BusXpert SpecView

Product Description

The BusXpert SpecView specification interface provides an intelligent, unique and powerful interface from the BusXpert analyzer trace data to a number of supported Protocol specifications.

Using SpecView, users can quickly access the most relevant portion of the specification without searching through hundreds of pages. Because of tight integration with the SerialTek analysis tools, SpecView is a tool that enables designers and other users to save time during trace analysis when protocol specification issues arises.

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Key Features

  • Intelligent and unique interface from the BusXpert analyzer trace to protocol specifications to help confirm conformance to standards
  • Context specific specification access; displays both most relevant entry and full indexed entries
  • Enhanced capability is built into the BusXpert software and provided at no additional cost


  • Before using SpecView, users must ensure that the following specifications reside in the appropriate directory. As some specifications are copyrighted and are limited to members of standards organizations, it is the responsibility of the user to obtain the appropriate specification.
    • SAS Protocol Layer – 3 (SPL-3): spl3r06f
    • SCSI Primary Commands – 4 (SPC-4): spc4r36q
    • SCSI Block Commands – 3 (SBC-3): sbc3r36
    • SATA: SerialATA_Revision_3_2_Gold
    • ATA/ATAPI Command Set – 3: d2161r4a-ATAATAPI_Command_Set_-_3
  • Specification Location
    • Windows (32-bit): Program Files\SerialTek\BusXpert 4.0.xxx\Specs
    • Windows (64-bit): Program Files (x86)\SerialTek\BusXpert 4.0.xxx\Specs
    • Linux: /usr/share/ BusXpert 4.0.xxx/Specs

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