BusXpert 12Gb SAS Signal Splitter

The 12Gb SAS 3.0 protocol poses unique challenges to today’s developers and implementers. The SerialTek 12Gb SAS Splitter helps meet these challenges by allowing users to view and analyze 12Gb SAS signals with the use of a SerialTek’s BusXpert Pro II protocol analyzer and a high-bandwidth oscilloscope. The SAS Splitter uses an analog splitter to drive copies of the input signals to SAS devices, analyzer and scope outputs. The splitter includes adjustable linear signal conditioners which can be tuned to compensate for effects introduced by extra cable lengths, connectors and board traces.

The 12Gb SAS Splitter is ideal for analysis of the new SAS 3.0 SAS transmitter training where it is important to see both the analog signal as well as the high level protocol. Because the SAS Splitter provides a minimally intrusive manner of linking up with SAS, users can observe and analyze signals and higher level protocols with minimal change to the original signals.

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  • Drives copies of 12Gb SAS signals to protocol analyzer, oscilloscope and SAS device
  • Linear signal conditioners compensate for cable, connector and trace effects
  • Supports 4 bidirectional SAS channels
  • 16 SMA connectors allows simultaneous scope viewing of all 4 bidirectional SAS channels
  • HD Mini-SAS connectors
  • External power supply to reduce signal interference
  • 4.5" x 9" x 1.5 " enclosure
  • 1.8 pounds

BusXpert Micro II