BusXpert Micro 6G SAS / SATA Analyzer

The BusXpert Micro Series SAS and SATA analyzer has a very portable form-factor, making it a preferred choice for those developers needing a compact platform with minimal noise and real estate. Its small size also makes it easy for field engineers to take on the go and to move from bench to bench in the lab. The analyzer itself comes with several status LEDs for a real-time, visual reference of what is occurring on the bus. It also supports external trigger in/out for those needing to trigger a scope or logic analyzer. The BusXpert Micro Series is our most popular SAS/SATA analyzer for complete SAS and SATA protocol analysis. It features buffer options from 2 GB up to 18 GB. It also has the industry's most powerful triggering, with up to three simultaneous sequencers--each of which can contain up to 16 states with timers, counters, and the ability to jump anywhere within the sequence. The BusXpert GUI also makes it easier for developers to create triggers, understand what is happening on the bus, and view trace data in a meaningful format.

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  • PCI Express and Enhanced Gigabit Ethernet management interfaces
  • Native PHY
  • Fast Data Re-Lock
  • 2 ns Timestamp Resolution
  • Eye-Opener front end
  • Tunable RX/TX signaling
  • Cascadable up to 2 BusXpert Micro Systems
  • SATA 7-pin connectors
  • 1-port or 2-port (full duplex links)
  • 5V/12V controllable external power connector
  • License for SAS/SATA or SATA-only
  • Software configurable for 3.0 / 6.0 Gb/s
  • Deep Triggering and Filtering
  • Trace Buffer up to 18 GB
  • External Trigger In/Out
  • Manual Trigger Button
  • SATA-only option for SATA Analyzer
  • SAS Analyzer with support for SATA/STP
  • Windows & Linux compatibility for both the GUI and API
  • Measures 6" x 9" x 1.75"
  • Weighs less than 3 lbs
  • Status LEDs per port pair for:
    • Auto Speed detection
    • OOB Preset
    • Link Up/Down
    • Frames present
    • 10b Error detection
    • Commands present
    • Command Errors

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