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Analysis Without The Limitations


                 SerialTek BusXpert Pro II 12G SAS 6G SATA Analyzer                     SerialTek SAS/SATA BusXpert SAS/SATA Analyzer                        SerialTek SAS/SATA BusMod SAS/SATA Error Injector Jammer

       BusXpert Pro II 12Gb SAS Analyzer      BusXpert 6Gb SAS/SATA Analyzer     BusMod SAS/SATA Error Injector / Jammer           





Native PHY with Fast Data Re-Lock, Tunable 6Gb SAS front end , Eye-Opener for cleaner signals, PCIe x4 for saving traces at up to 550 MB/Sec, GigE with hardware acceleration for fast network connectivity, MiniSAS or Native SATA connectors, Ten LED's per link for real-time monitoring, Huge Traces (up to 36GB), Repetitive D-Word Compression. 

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Inventive Software:

BusXpert has a new and  revolutionary Java based, portable User Interface with multiple docking views and easy-to-use portable API for automation.  With 'InstaView' and 'PreIndexing' innovations you can view any size trace and truly 'use' it in under 5 seconds!

More about the advantages of BusXpert software:


April 2014
SerialTek Announces New President, Richard Whitmarsh, And Establishes Board Of Directors
Press Release for SerialTek Announces New President

August 2013
SerialTek Extends Support to PCI Express Technology with new BusXpert Gen 3 PCI Express Analyzer
Press Release for BusXpert Gen3 PCI Express Analyzer

January 2013
SerialTek Enhances SATA Data Capture and Analysis Capability with the Introduction of The BusXpert Logic Adapter with SATA DEVSLP Support
Press Release for BusXpert Logic Adapter

August 2012
SerialTek enhances 12Gb SAS analysis capability with the introduction of the 12Gb SAS Splitter
Press Release for 12Gb SAS Splitter

September 2011
Serialtek announces the BusXpert Pro II for 12Gb SAS and 6Gb SATA
Press Release for BusXpert Pro II

September 2011
Agilent purchases USB Analyzer and USB Jammer product line from SerialTek
Press Release for USB Purchase