Analysis Without Limitations Less Downtime - Usable traces in no time at all Maintenance for Life BusXpert = Intuitive

Hardware Innovations:

Native PHY with Fast Data Re-Lock, Tunable 6Gb SAS front end, Eye-Opener for cleaner signals, PCIe x4 for saving traces at up to 550 MB/Sec, GigE with hardware acceleration for fast network connectivity, MiniSAS or Native SATA connectors, Ten LED's per link for real-time monitoring, Huge Traces (up to 36GB), Repetitive D-Word Compression.

Inventive Software:

BusXpert has a new and revolutionary Java based, portable User Interface with multiple docking views and easy-to-use portable API for automation. With 'InstaView' and 'PreIndexing' innovations you can view any size trace and truly 'use' it in under 5 seconds!

Leading Edge Solutions:

The combination of innovative hardware and advanced software allows SerialTek to offer users unprecedented solutions to storage design challenges. Whether you're a designer implementing the latest storage protocol, a QA engineer validating new technology, or an FAE debugging an issue in the field, SerialTek provides the tools and solutions to solve issues on time and on budget.